“Easy Sell” Smart Online Seller’s Platform

 Easy Sell is very optimized platform where sellers can sell their products , once seller register with us we will provide STORE ID , so that he can Add edit create orders.

  1. We use paypal as onlinepayment service .

Image , Gellery , Product category , Product options ,all are included .

Saperate location for each product  can also be added So that customer can have store pickup.

Language Customization Also available as per request .

To check the functions as customer use Id – demo , Password – demo .
As a seller use ID – demoseller , Password – demoseller 

Details video tutorials as below ->

Video Tutorial as Customer

  • Screenshot_2019-05-22-11-47-48
  • Screenshot_2019-05-22-11-47-12
  • Screenshot_2019-05-22-11-44-20
  • Screenshot_2019-05-22-08-27-18
  • Screenshot_2019-05-22-08-27-42
  • Screenshot_2019-05-22-08-27-54
  • Easy_sell

Video Tutorial as a Seller